Common Diseases Baby Boomers should watch out for

By on August 2, 2013

It is a fact that baby boomers are no longer as healthy as they were during their younger years and so; they are the age group prone to various diseases and illnesses due to their already weakened immune system. These diseases can hamper their desire to enjoy life even in old age. This is why, as they reach their baby boomer age, aside from thinking about their retirement benefits, they should also think about watching out for some of the common diseases that hit old age and try as much as possible to avoid them. What are these common diseases that boom during old age?


  • Alzheimer’s disease. This is the number one common disease to watch out for. This disease refers to the extreme loss of memory that even the simplest task and the most common names can be forgotten by the patient already. This is usually caused by deteriorating brain cells and therefore, requires mental workout to be prevented.


  • High blood pressure and Heart Attack. These are other common diseases to watch out for. Heart attack occurs when the heart is already too weak and its function is also starting to deteriorate. Heart attack can also be caused by high blood pressure. Heart or cardio diet and exercises may be required.


  • Arthritis and Osteoporosis. These are diseases that usually attack the bones. As people grow older, their bones become weak and brittle and usually shrink in size. They even feel pangs of pain on the leg. Leg exercises and high calcium intake may be necessary for its prevention.


  • Cancer. Now, because of the weakened immune system most baby boomers experience, they are also prone to develop several types of cancer since their organs are no longer functioning better as before. Colon cancer is one common cancer hitting baby boomers. This may require them to limit too much consumption of toxic foods.


  • Diabetes. This disease is also something baby boomers should watch out for. As people age, their body’s ability to produce insulin deteriorates, thereby, the body’s ability to balance sugar in the blood is hampered leading to diabetes which is a deadly disease. This requires baby boomers to control their diet as much as possible.


  • Lung Diseases. This refers to diseases like asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc. These diseases occur because of weakened immune system. Even if they are not carriers, if they happen to mingle with other people who are carriers, the virus or bacteria can easily be passed to them because of their weak immune system.


  • Kidney Diseases. The organs such as the kidneys of baby boomers also weaken during old age and no longer function normally and so they are prone to kidney diseases as well which requires them to once again, watch what they eat if they are harmful to the kidneys or not.


While these diseases can also occur to the younger generation, baby boomers have higher risks to these diseases. This is why, baby boomers are advised to care for their health and be extra careful with their diet and lifestyle. This way, the risks of acquiring these diseases can be lessened, if not totally eliminated.

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