New Woman Resolutions for 2013

By on February 7, 2013

woman Resolutions over 50Each new year appears to be rolling around faster than ever before, and it also does look like only yesterday when holiday planning revolved around picnic menus for your Fourth of July. I asked five friends over 50 about their very own resolutions. Think about this listing of 13 New Year’s resolutions for 2013 (and yes i now that it is February,but I wanted to write this) around lifestyle choices especially written for females over 50.

The first, a “feel-good goal-setter” utilized by some professional life coaches, was your favorite one.

1. Write your letter stating everything you are happy with and many pleased with about yourself. The goals for just one year from now. Seal cracks, give a stamp, and address the envelope to yourself. Swap envelopes using a friend and promise to place one another’s letters within the mail on New Year’s Day 2014. You will end up surprised at everything you have accomplished upon receiving your own personal letter twelve months later.

2. Resolution to accomplish one or more thing you truly enjoy each day, including getting enough quality sleep to feel refreshed or sipping a glass of wine or having part of chocolate.

3. Want of 12 old friends and connect to one every single month by phone, letter, email, or via Facebook.

4. Resolve to go the body for a minimum of forty five minutes each day, whether this means exercising or yoga, carrying out a thorough home cleaning job, gardening, walking your dog, some tennis, swimming, yet another sport.

5. Get a vegetable you’ve never had before and resolve to consume those strongly recommended five daily 80g portions of fruit and veggies, which could include 100-percent unsweetened fresh juice, 30g of dried fruit, or even a smoothie.

6. Make a scheduled appointment for all those well-woman medical appointments or even a checkup when you’ve been procrastinating.

7. Use up a volunteer job. Help at church or school fairs; charity events; or cleanups at parks, riverside, or maybe the beach.

8. Don’t await others, go towards the movies alone if there are a film you need to see.

9. Possess a clear-out. It really is as cleansing for the mind since it is for the closets while benefiting charities and offering you a tax deduction. Save receipts.

10. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Associated with small gestures and form good habits around cutting your carbon footprint to assist out future generations.

11. Go somewhere you’ve always wished to go, and cross it out of your bucket list. It needn’t become a trip abroad, however it happens to be an outing just a couple miles from your home. Invite a buddy to participate you!

12. Have less stress. Develop your own personal great stress management skills. There is certainly lots of advice on the market in order to let bygones be bygones, forgive and forget, don’t sweat the little stuff, let anger go, stop and smell the roses.

As well as the last one originates from my 94-years-wise friend Rosemary, who says:

13. Embrace change. Regardless of how bad or great things will be using the minute, things will alter. They always do.

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