Obama Health Reform and Medicare: Fact vs Fiction

By on August 24, 2009

Will Health Reform Hurt Medicare?

This is sort of sadly ironic to me. I was always holding up Medicare as an American example of public health insurance, and I held it up as a good example! Now we have pundits on TV, and those 60 plus folks claiming that a revamp of US health insurance and health care will hurt Medicare. Among the claims are these, so-called, death interviews, which are supposed to make the infirm feel as if they are taking up to much space. But what is really true about health reform and Medicare?

The Great Senior Scare

I borrowed senior scare from factcheck.org. They outed one of the misleading (totally untrue!) ads from 60 plus.

Myth: Health reform will cut 500 billion dollars from Medicare.
Truth: Health reform will trim about half that from projected growth over the next 10 years.

Do you see the difference between cutting half a trillion dollars, and cutting a quarter of a trillion dollars from growth over the next decade?

Don’t Panic Yet – About Health Reform, That IS

Look, this country needs serious health reform. Even if you have a company health plan, you are probably contributing more money for less benefits than you were a decade ago. And even if you’re not, its a pretty sure bet that your company is.

And for people who are concerned that government administrators will make health decisions for them, I only have a couple of things to say.

1. The choice of private health insurance is still out there.

2. Would you rather have a for-profit health insurance company make those decisions?

If you are interested in making choices about your own Medicare health benefits, look here: compare Medicare Health Benefits.

And if you’re under 65, and need to make health plan decisions, consider: ppo or hsa health insurance plans?

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